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Kymenlaakso - Industry and Commerce

Corporate Information & Interest Groups
Research & Product Development
Financing, Insurances & Taxation
Working Life
Law & Legislation
International Business and Customs
Logistics ans Communication

Kymenlaakso - Industry and Commerce - General

Employment and Economic Development Centre Southeastern Finland
Information on business and entrepreunership, e.g. on business internationalisation. Finnish - English.

Kymenlaakso Chamber of Commerce
The homesite of Kymenlaakso Chamber of Commerce. Finnish - English.

Kymenlaakso Region
Information on Kymenlaakso Region, Regional Council of Kymenlaakso, and Summer University of Kymenlaakso. Finnish - English - Swedish - German.

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Kymenlaakso - Industry and Commerce - Corporate Information & Interest Groups

Cursor Oy
Kotka-Hamina Regional Development Company. Finnish - English - Russian

Enterprises in Kymenlaakso
Service includes the contact information for over 7.600 enterprises in Kymenlaakso area.

Federation of Kymenlaakso Region Enterprises
The homesite of the Federation of Kymenlaakso Region Enterprises. Finnish.

Information services for companies
Library of the Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences, Information services for companies. Finnish.

Kouvola Region Expertise Centre
The homesite of Kouvola Region Expertise Centre. Finnish - English.

Kouvola Region Management Consultancy
The homesite of the Kouvola Region Management Consultancy. Finnish

Kouvolan yritysmagneetti
Management consultancy. Finnish.

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Kymenlaakso - Industry and Commerce - Research & Product Development

Learning and Innovation Environments in Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences

Services for companies and organizations
From these pages important information such as career and recruiting services, and research and development services can be found, both for students as well as employers. Finnish - English.

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Kymenlaakso - Industry and Commerce - Financing, Insurances & Taxation

Regional Council of Kymenlaakso

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Kymenlaakso - Industry and Commerce - Working Life

Employment Office of Kotka-Hamina area
Area of operation: Hamina, Miehikkälä, Virolahti, Kotka and Pyhtää

Employment Office of Kouvola Area
Area of operation: Anjalankoski, Elimäki, Iitti, Jaala, Kouvola, Kuusankoski and Valkeala

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Kymenlaakso - Industry and Commerce - Law & Legislation

Court of Appeal in Kouvola

Information on legislation issues in Finland.

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Kymenlaakso - Industry and Commerce - International Business and Customs

Innorail Kouvola
International Centre for Railway Business Expertise and Service

Parcel services
Nationwide delivery solutions by bus services

Port of Kotka
Information on port of Kotka, terminals, traffic, access passes and instructions.

VR corporate group
National rail corporate in Finland

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Kymenlaakso - Industry and Commerce - Logistics ans Communication

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