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Finland - Industry and Commerce

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Finland - Industry and Commerce - General

AdmiNet - Finland
Database deliveres general information about governmental authorities and public services in Finland. English.

Council of State
Information on the form of government and the current administration.

The gateway to the European Union. Finnish.
Internet directory of Finland. Finnish.

The new FINLEX Data Bank is an information system available free-of-charge on the Internet. English - Swedish - Finnish

M/S Estonia catastrophe
The database with documents about the M/S Estonia catastrophe. Most of the material is Swedish though. The National Board of Psychological Defence in Sweden (Styrelsen för psykologiskt försvar (SPF)) is handling the site. Swedish - Svenska.

Ministry of Trade and Industry
The site introduces the Ministry of Trade and Industry and includes comprehensive corporate services links. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Statistics Finland
Statistics Finland produces three quarters of Finnish official statistics. Finnish - Swedish - English.

STUK - Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland
STUK - Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland represents the Finnish safety authority that sets the regulations for the use of radiation and nuclear energy and supervises that they are followed. STUK is also an expert institute and monitors the radiation safety of the Finnish environment. Finnish - Swedish - English. - public sector services is the portal for public sector services in Finland. Information relevant to everyday life collected in different subject areas. Finnish - Swedish - English.

The Parliament of Finland
Information on the Parliament of Finland. Finnish - Swedish - English - French.

Virtual Finland
A large database on Finland and the Finns run by the ministry of foreign affairs. Finnish - Swedish - English.

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Finland - Industry and Commerce - Corporate Information & Interest Groups

Baltic Sea Chambers of Commerce Association
The website of the Baltic Sea Chambers of Commerce Association.

BIS - Business Information System
The Business Information System is a joint service for enterprises and communities that transact with the Finnish Trade Register, Foundations Register or Tax Administration. New items include a joint business code and joint application forms. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Culminatum - oikopolku osaamiseen
Culminatum Ltd Oy carries out the Centre of Expertise Programme in the Helsinki Region. Finnish - English.

Employment and Economic Development Centres
The Employment and Economic Development Centres offer the swervices of the Ministry of Trade and Industry's corporate services unit, Technology Development Centre Finland, the Centre for State Securities and the regional units of the Association for Foreign Trade. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Europe Information by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Europe Information offers information, guidance and material on the European Union. Finnish - Swedish - English - French.

Federation of Finnish Enterprises
An interst grop which offers training and advisory services besides lobbying. Finnish - Swedish - English.

A business database with infomation available according to aera and subject. Finnish.

Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA
EVA was founded in order to create a common organisation for representing the various sectors of the Finnish business community. EVA differs from most similar organisations since it is not primarily a lobbyist for business interests. EVA is actually best described as a “think tank” that identifies social phenomena and explores future challenges. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Finpro (The Finnish Foreign Trade Association)
Finpro (The Finnish Foreign Trade Association) is Finland's foreign trade promotion organisation. The general aim of Finpro is to help Finnish companies to internationalise. Finpro provides a wide range of services primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises at each stage of their internationalisation. The objective is to speed up the internationalisation and minimise the related risks. Finnish - English.

Helsinki Exchanges
Information on Finnish businesses. Finnish - English.

Helsinki School of Economics Library
Information on the services of the Helsinki School of Economics library, which is the largest information services centre on research of entrepreneurship in Finland. Finnish - English

Info Bank
The pages of Info Bank contain important basic information for immigrants on the functioning of society and opportunities in Finland. The links take you to information on the services of authorities and organisations. You can return to the language options page at any point. The Key word search helps you to find information even when you do not know where to look. You can search for information in relation to one language version at a time. 15 different languages. Finnish - Swedish - Eesti keel - English.

Inoa Company Search
Inoa Company Search offers contact details, branch of business and product information, financial information and management details for some 200,000 companies and public sector organisations, free of charge and without the obligation to register. Finnish.

Contact information about 200 000 companies in Finland. Finnish - Swedish.

Library of the Helsinki University of Technology
Finnish National Resource Library for Technology. Finnish - English.

Pan-European Institute
Centre for research, training and information service is focusing on European issues. The European Documentation Centre (EDC) offers up-to-date official information about European Union. Finnish - English. (See also WWW-Valpuri).

Risk Management for SME
Risk management tools and training suitable for SMEs. Finnish - English. information service provides knowledge of Russian trade, business, marketing, society, statistics etc. Centre of Expertise in Southeast Finland in co-operation with Tutkimus- ja Analysointikeskus TAK Oy. Finnish.

Statistics Finland
An extensive listing of Finnish businesses. Finnish - Swedish - English.

The Baltic Institute of Finland
The Baltic Institute of Finland (BIF) is an independent organisation which promotes multinational cooperation and joint projects in the Baltic Sea Region. Finnish - English.

The Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland
The website of the Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland. Finnish - Swedish - English.

The Confederation of Finnish Industries EK
The Confederation of Finnish Industries EK is the leading business organisation in Finland. The EK represents the entire private sector and companies of all sizes. The interest group publishes the business tendency survey and a survey on public trust on the economy. Finnish - Swedish - English.

The Economic Information Office
The Economic Information Office - The TAT Group - works for the Finnish Industry and Commerce. Finnish - English.

The place to seek Finnish websites based on Businesses, products or or services. Finnish.

World Trade Center Helsinki
The website of the World Trade Center Helsinki. English.

Yellow Pages
Businesses listed according to region, line of business or subject group. Finnish.

A database on Finnish businesses that trade with other businesses. Finnish.

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Finland - Industry and Commerce - Research & Product Development

Design Forum Finland
Information on Finnish Design in general. Finnish - English.

Esomar - Finland
The Finnish members of the Esomar. English.

Foundation for Finnish Inventions
The Foundation for Finnish Inventions advices, helps and finances inventions. In addition the Foundation seeks international partners and licencingpartners. Finnish - English.

National Consumer Research Centre
The National Consumer Research Centre studies operation of households and consumer behaviour, quality of consumer goods and services, the market and changes in society. It disseminates consumer research data through the KULTU database system. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Technical Research Centre of Finland
The Technical Rsesearch Centre of Finland performs research, development and testing. Finnish - English.

Technology Development Centre Finland
The Technology Development Centre Finland offers financing and expert services for development of internationally competetive products, services and production methods. Finnish - Swedish - English.

The Research Institute of The Finnish Economy
Financial information on Finland. Finnish - English.

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Finland - Industry and Commerce - Financing, Insurances & Taxation

The Finnfund finances projects in the third world countries. Finnish - English.

Finnish National Fund for Research and Development
The Finnish National Fund for Research and Development makes capital investments in Finnish and foreign high-technology firms. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Finnish Tax Administration
The website of the Tax Administration provides information on taxation in Finland and regional authorities. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Finnvera PLC - The Finnish Export Credit Guarantee Agency and Domestic Specialised Risk Financier
Finnvera PLC is a specialised financing company promoting Finnish exports by offering export credit guarantees and supporting domestic operations of small and medium sized companies by offering risk financing and guarantees. Owned entirely by the Finnish state, Finnvera was formed by merging the activities of Kera Corporation and the Finnish Guarantee Board (FGB) on 1 January 1999. Finnish - Swedish - English.

HTM-accountants Ltd.
Information on memebers and services. Finnish.

Invest in Finland
A company of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, which finances foreign investments in Finland. English.

Ministry of Trade and Industry
Information for the entrepreuners, consumers etc. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Nordic Project Fund - nopef
Nopef grants favorable loans to Nordic companies for their feasibility expenses for project export or internationalization projects. The project must be located outside the EU and EFTA countries. Finnish - Swedish - English.

SME- Foundation
The SME-Foundation supports Finnish SME's efforts for establishing international contacts by developing and producing different expert services. Finnish - Swedish - English.

An extensive database on taxation and auditing. Finnish - Swedish - English.

The Auditing Unit of the Central Chamber of Commerce
A list of KHT-accountants. Finnish.

The Bank of Finland
The website of the Bank of Finland provides information on the operations of the bank, its history, publications and services as well as contains statistics on the Finnish economy. Finnish - Swedis - English.

The Finnish Banking Association
Information on the members of the association and on the operations odf the banks. Finnish.

The Union of Finnish Accounting Firms
A list of the members of the union. Finnish.

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Finland - Industry and Commerce - Working Life

Centre for Occupational Safety
Homepage of the centre for occupational safety in Finland. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Finnish and foreign information on occupational health issues. Finnish - Svedish - English.

Finnish network for safety and health at work
This site provides information of occupational safety and health in Finland. This is part of an European network established by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Ministry of Labour
Employment Administration. Information on the services of the employment Administration and its international affairs. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Social Insurance Institution
Information on pensions and umemployment benefits. Finnish - Swedish - English.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions
The Finnish Centre for Pensions provides a service for salary earners, entrepreneurs, employers and officials. Finnish - Swedis - English.

The Finnish labour and occupational safety authorities
Working in Finland. The Finnish labour and occupational safety authorities, regional authorities. Finnish - Swedish - English.

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Finland - Industry and Commerce - Law & Legislation

Information on Finnish legislation. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Finnish Virtual Statute Collection
Information on the Finnish statute Collection. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Makupalat - Link Collection of Law
Links on law in Makupalat, the link collection maintained by Hämeenlinna City Library. Finnish.

Ministry of Justice
A connection to the collection of Finnish laws and law drafts. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Parliament of Finland
Homepage of the Finnish Parliament. Finnish - Swedish - English - French.

The Finnish Bar Association
Information on Finnish law firms. Finnish - Swedish - English.

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Finland - Industry and Commerce - International Business and Customs

Blue Book buyer's guides - Logistics
Blue Book's Buyer's Guide is for professionals in the transportation trade. Please, select Logistics database. Finnish - English.

Customs Administration
The website of Finnish Customs. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Federation of Finnish Insurance Companies
Contact information on members of the federation. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Finland’s Environmental Administration
Informative and useful pages for everyone interested in environmental issues and housing issues in Finland. Finland´s environmental administration works to promote ecological sustainability and the economic and social and cultural preconditions for achieving this sustainability. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Information on air cargo. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Finnish Freight Forwarders Association
Homepage of the association. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Finnish Standards Association
Information on stadardisation, certification and ecolabelling. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Finnish Trucking Association
Information on trucking in Finland and contact information on regional associations. Finnish - Swedish - English.

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Information on traffic and transport in Finland. Finnish - Swedish - English.

SeaCompanion World Index - Finland
Links to shipping comapanies and associations. English.

Shortsea Promotion Centre Finland
Homepage of the SPC. Finnish - English.

The Finnish Port Association
The Finnish Port Association is the central organisation of the municipal or public ports. The Association promotes and acts for the interests of it’s members. Information on its member ports, statiscs etc. Finnish - Swedish - English.

VR Cargo
Information on State Railways Cargo. Finnish - English.

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Finland - Industry and Commerce - Logistics ans Communication

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