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Russia - Industry and Commerce

Corporate Information & Interest Groups
Research & Product Development
Financing, Insurances & Taxation
Working Life
Law & Legislation
International Business and Customs
Logistics ans Communication

Russia - Industry and Commerce - General

Alexanteri Institute
Homepage of Finnish Centre for Russian and East European Studies. Finnish. English.

BOFIT - Bank of Finland - Institute for economies in transition
Homepage of the institute. Finnish - English.

EU - External Relations - Russia
Information about Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) between the EU and Russia. English.

Government Russia
Information on the Russian government, officials and the parliament. Russian - English.

Institute for Russia and Eastern Europe
Information on the institute. Finnish.

Kaliningrad Region
A briefing on the Kaliningrad economy, tourism, traffic, history and culture. English.

Petersburg City
Internet portal of Saint Petersburg. English.

Saint Petersburg city government
Official site of the city government. Russian - English.

St Petersburg - travel guide
Practical tourist information on St Petersburg; the city and the people. English

St. Petersburg Official Web site
Links to St.Petersburg. Russian.

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Russia - Industry and Commerce - Corporate Information & Interest Groups

Baltic Sea Chambers of Commerce Association
The website of the association. English.

Finnish - Russian Chamber of Commerce
Information on trading with Russia and Russian regulations. contact information for for the offices in Finland and Russia. Finnish - Russian - English.

Finpro Russia, Finland Trade Center
Finpro (The Finnish Foreign Trade Association) is Finland's foreign trade promotion organization. The general aim of Finpro is to help Finnish companies to internationalize. Finpro provides a wide range of services primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises at each stage of their internationalization. The objective is to speed up the internationalization and minimize the related risks. Finnish - English.

Kaliningrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Homepage of the organization. English - Russian.

Kymenlaakso Chamber of Commerce
Kymenlaakso Chamber of Commerce acts as a cooperative and informative organization of trade and industry in Kymenlaakso, and looks after the general common interests. Finnish. information service provides knowledge of Russian trade, business, marketing, society, statistics etc. Centre of Expertise in Southeast Finland in co-operation with Tutkimus- ja Analysointikeskus TAK Oy. Finnish.

Russian Franchise Association
Homepage of the association. Russian - English.

St.Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Information on the chamber of commerce and it's services. English - Russian.

St.Petersburg Foundation for SME Development
Information on the St.Petersburg economy, businesses and trading. English.

The Baltic Institute of Finland
The Baltic Institute of Finland (BIF) is an independent organisation which promotes multinational cooperation and joint projects in the Baltic Sea Region. Finnish - English.

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Russia - Industry and Commerce - Research & Product Development

Esomar - Russia
The Russian members of the ESOMAR. Information on the World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Organization. English - Russian.

A Russian state commitee of stadardisation, metrology and certification. Russian - English.

Republican Research Scientific Consultation Center for Epertise
The center handles marketing, consulting, telecommunication and information services. English - Russian.

Test St. Petersburg.
St. Petersburg's regional stadardisation and certification centre. English - Russian.

The Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Finland
The Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Finland is a state organisation functioning on the basis of a bilateral intergovernmental treaty and representing trade and economic interests of Russia in Finland. Finnish - English - Russian.

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Russia - Industry and Commerce - Financing, Insurances & Taxation

Federal Centre for Project Financing
The centre finances investments and searches for partners. Information on the projects of the World Bank. Russian.

Russian Tax Administration

The EU's Relations with Russia
The European Commission?s site provide lots of information about the EU?s external relations. English.

Trigon Capital
Investment banking service for domestic clients and foreign investors in the Baltic states and Russia. English

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Russia - Industry and Commerce - Working Life

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Russia - Industry and Commerce - Law & Legislation

A Russian legistaltion database. There is a fee to enter. Russian - English.

A Russian legistlation database. Also in English. A pay site. English - Russian.

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Russia - Industry and Commerce - International Business and Customs

Association of International Road Haulers ASMAP
The Russian website of the association. Russian.

Russian Insurance
Information on the Russian insurance business and changes in it. Contact information for Russian insurance companies with a website or an e-mail address. Russian.

The State Registration Chamber
The chamber is in charge of registration of businesses. English - Russian.

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Russia - Industry and Commerce - Logistics ans Communication

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