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Estonia - Industry and Commerce

Corporate Information & Interest Groups
Research & Product Development
Financing, Insurances & Taxation
Working Life
Law & Legislation
International Business and Customs
Logistics ans Communication

Estonia - Industry and Commerce - General

Baltic Assembly
The Baltic Assembly is a consultative and coordinating institution of cooperation between the Parliaments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. English.

Eesti Neti
A comprehensive collection of Estonia-related links. Estonian

Embassy of Estonia in Finland
Comprehensive information on Estonia in general and especially on industry and commerce. Estonian - Finnish - English

The homesite of the state. Estonian - English - Russian

Estonia Institute in Finland
Homepage of the Institute. Finnish.

Estonia-Wide Web
A comprehensive Estonian link collection. Estonian - English

Estonian Institute
The homesite of the institute. English - Estonian

Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The homesite of the ministry with basic information of Estonia and the material produced by the ministry. Estonian - English - Finnish - German - Russian - Svenska - Francais.

Institute of Baltic Studies
The database contains lots of information on Estonia from various fields. English

The Ministry of Economic Affairs
Information on the ministry. Estonian - English

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Estonia - Industry and Commerce - Corporate Information & Interest Groups

Baltic Sea Chambers of Commerce Association
The homesite of the chambers. English

Ekspress Hotline 1182
The service includes Estonian company directory, timetables, zip codes, trunc codes, excange rates etc. Estonian - English - Russian.

Estonian Association of SME
An small and medium enterprise union offering information on activities and partners. Estonian

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The homesite of the chamber. Estonian - English - Russian.

Estonian Competition Board
The board controls free competition in Estonia. Estonian - English

Estonian Trade Council
The homesite of the council with a information services for both importers and exporters plus links. English - Estonian.

Finpro Estonia, Finland Trade Center
Finpro (The Finnish Foreign Trade Association) is Finland's foreign trade promotion organisation. The general aim of Finpro is to help Finnish companies to internationalize. Finpro provides a wide range of services primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises at each stage of their internationalization. The objective is to speed up the internationalization and minimize the related risks. Finnish - English.

ICE Yellow Pages - Ärikataloog
On the Yellow Pages you can search for companies by e.g. field of business. Estonian - English.

Infoatlas is a phone directory of Estonian companies. Estonian - English

Statistical Office of Estonia
The homesite of the office with information on the office and statistics. Estonian - English

The Baltic Institute of Finland
The Baltic Institute of Finland (BIF) is an independent organisation which promotes multinational cooperation and joint projects in the Baltic Sea Region. Finnish - English.

World Trade Center Tallinn
The Estonian branch of the center. Estonian - English

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Estonia - Industry and Commerce - Research & Product Development

Estonian Centre for Standardisation
Homepage of the organization. Estonian - English.

Estonian Market and Opinion Research Centre
The member companies of the global market and opinion research centre. Information on ESOMAR - the World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Organization. Estonian - English.

Estonian Patent Office
Homepage of the Patent Office. English - Estonian.

Tallinn Technical University
The university practises development testing and research. Estonian - English

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Estonia - Industry and Commerce - Financing, Insurances & Taxation

Baltic Fund
A private equity fund which specialises in e.g. commercial banks, financial services, timber&lumber producers and building materials. English

Bank of Estonia
Bank of Estonia. Estonian - English

Delegation of the European Commission in Estonia
The Delegation monitors the implementation of Phare and other EU assistance programmes in Estonia. English - Estonian.

Estonian Banking Association
The association's site offers information on the assiciation's activities and links to member banks in Estonia. Estonian - English

Estonian Investment Agency
The agency's homesite with information on Estonia's economy and market information for investors. English

Estonian Tax Administration
Homepage of Estonian Tax Administration. Estonian.

European Bank for Reconstrucion Development (EBRD)
The bank finances the private sector in the Middle and Eastern Europe. English

Krediidiinfo AS
An Estonian credit company. Estonian - English.

Nordea Estonia
Information about bank services for the private and corporate customers. Estonian - English.

Trigon Capital
Investment banking service for domestic clients and foreign investors in the Baltic states and Russia. English

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Estonia - Industry and Commerce - Working Life

Estonian Labour Market Board
Estonian labour official. Estonian - English.

State Employment Offices of Estonia
Contact information to the state employment offices. Eesti - English - Russian.

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Estonia - Industry and Commerce - Law & Legislation

A database on Estonian laws. Estonian - English - Po-russki.

Estonian Laws
A database on Estonian laws. Estonian

Ministry of Justice of Estonia
Information on the ministry, its field of government and Estonia's legal practice. Estonian

Parliament of Estonia
Information on the parliament, its activities, the legislative procedure and the sessions of the parliament. Estonian - English.

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Estonia - Industry and Commerce - International Business and Customs

Air Cargo Estonia
The pages offer information on the company's activities. Estonian - English

Association of Estonian International Road Carriers (ERAA)
(ERAA) is a voluntary union of enterprisers involved with international road transport. Estonian - English.

Eesti Raudtee - Estonian Railways
The pages offer information on both passenger and cargo traffic on the railways. Estonian - English

Estonian Customs
Information on the customs in Estonia. Estonian - English

Ministry of Justice of Estonia
The pages offer information on central register and company register officials. Estonian

Port of Tallinn
Information on the port, its services, cargolines and terminal companies. English

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Estonia - Industry and Commerce - Logistics ans Communication

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