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Latvia - Industry and Commerce

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Latvia - Industry and Commerce - General

Baltic Assembly
The Baltic Assembly is a consultative and coordinating institution of cooperation between the Parliaments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. English.

The gateway to the European Union. Latviski.

Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The website of the ministry. Latvian - English.

Latvian Parliament
The Homepage of Latvian Parliament. Latvian - English.

The Finnish Embassy in Latvia
Finland's Embassy in Riga, Latvia. Finnish.

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Latvia - Industry and Commerce - Corporate Information & Interest Groups

Central statistical bureau of Latvia
The website of the bureau. Latvian - English.

Finpro Latvia, Finland Trade Center
Finpro (The Finnish Foreign Trade Association) is Finland's foreign trade promotion organization. The general aim of Finpro is to help Finnish companies to internationalize. Finpro provides a wide range of services primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises at each stage of their internationalization. The objective is to speed up the internationalization and minimize the related risks. Finnish - English.

InfoLine 7222222
Information on Latvian Businesses. Latvian - Russian - English.

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The website of the chamber of commerce. English - Latvian.

Latvian Privatization Agency
The website of the agency. English - Latvian.

The Baltic Institute of Finland
The Baltic Institute of Finland (BIF) is an independent organisation which promotes multinational cooperation and joint projects in the Baltic Sea Region. Finnish - English.

The Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIDA)
An information service on Latvia for foreign investors. English.

Virtual Business Guide
Virtual guide to doing business in Latvia and in the Baltic states. The subject areas are finance and banking, manufacturing industry, trade, construction activities, transportation, energy, agriculture, tourism, mass media etc. English.

World Trade Center Riga
The Riga office of the WTC. Latvian - English.

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Latvia - Industry and Commerce - Research & Product Development

ESOMAR - Latvia
Information on ESOMAR - the World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Organization. Latvian members of the ESOMAR. English.

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Latvia - Industry and Commerce - Financing, Insurances & Taxation

Bank of Latvia
The website of the bank provides information on the bank and and the stockmarket in Latvia. Latvian - English.

European Bank for Reconstruction Development (EBRD)
The EBRD finances the private sector in the Central and Eastern Europe. English.

Nordea Latvia
Information on the corporate customers' services of the bank. Latviski - Russian - English.

The World Bank Group - Regions and countries - Latvia
You can search for country reports by choosing the country. Information on Latvian capital markets. English.

Trigon Capital
Investment banking service for domestic clients and foreign investors in the Baltic states and Russia. English

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Latvia - Industry and Commerce - Working Life

Office of Citizenship and Migration
The website of the office. English - Latvian - Russian.

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Latvia - Industry and Commerce - Law & Legislation

Republic of Latvia - Ministry of Justice
Information on Latvian legistlation and legal practices. Latvian - English.

Riga Graduate School of Law
The Law Library has collected a comprehensive list of legal information in internet in Latvia and other countries. English - Latvian.

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Latvia - Industry and Commerce - International Business and Customs

Latvian Insurers Association
Information on Latvian insurers. English - Latvian

Randburg - Riga Port Authority
Information on the Riga port authority and the port. English.

Randburg - Ventspils Commercial Port
Information on the port. English.

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Latvia - Industry and Commerce - Logistics ans Communication

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